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The RBG Workout

How does Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the Supreme Court’s favorite octogenarians, stay so active and energetic? She owes it in part to the twice-weekly workouts she does with her personal trainer, Bryant Johnson, a man she’s called “the most important person” in her life (after her family, of course). Now with The RBG Workout, you can exercise along Justice Ginsburg and Bryant. Whether you want to keep up with one of America’s most admired women or just reach one of your fitness goals, this book is for you. Case closed.

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After you work hard, you look good.  And when you look good it makes a statement. Let everyone know that you’ve put in the effort and earned your status as a Super Diva.

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The RBG Workout was created by Certified Personal Trainer Bryant Johnson. Learn more about Bryant and book an appointment to train with him.

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