Super Diva!

Encouraging cancer patients and survivors. As seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Super Diva
Video by Kelsey Schwartzbach

Both of the founders of 2unstoppable – the brand behind the 2Unstoppable app that pairs women diagnosed with cancer with others to support physical and emotional fitness – have battled and survived their own personal bouts with cancer. Through their experiences, they gained and reinforced some strong beliefs.

Physical activity has the greatest positive impact of all lifestyle factors.
The majority of cancer patients do not meet recommended physical activity guidelines.

Social support encourages activity and is the main contributor to activity maintenance. Exercise partners provide a powerful combination of support, accountability, and motivation.

BdyJustice also believes these ideas and works to support women who are battling or have battled a form of cancer.

The distinction, Super Diva, derives from the highest female position of all opera performers, and we believe that all women who overcome seemingly unsurmountable odds should be given similar acclaim. Justice Ginsburg, a cancer survivor herself, also agrees and prefers her Super Diva top to any other workout gear. With the Super Diva! shirt, that distinction is available to you as well.

Proceeds go to 2Unstoppable, a non-profit organization which encourages and supports exercise among women who have had a cancer diagnosis. For more information, visit